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30 October 2011 @ 01:24 pm
OK, guys, I'm currently putting together a Christmas list and am wondering...

I half-heard last night on APHC that there was a new collection of Lake Wobegon stories out there. Again, I only *half-heard* the announcement. So, I'm wonder, precisely what was the title of that new collection again...?

07 February 2009 @ 07:31 pm
Greetings to all.

I joined this community a while back and decided to post something since it appears that it hasn't been active in quite a while.

I've been listening to PHC "religiously" since I was about 12 (am now 25). It has become quite the family tradition in my house. Favorite segment has to be the News from Lake Wobegon. My mom likes the Cowboys.

I've seen 2 performances -- one up in Northern Indiana and another at Indiana University, where I participated in the reception following the show. Had a cap that I'd gotten as a gift signed by him and got my picture taken. Though our meeting was brief, GK was so great!

So, how about you guys?
24 March 2007 @ 11:18 am
So did any of you see the movie? I saw it (by lucky coincidence) when I was over in American last September, and it was good. Very poignant. Normally, I'm not a big fan of movies where little happens and it's all about characters, but this one worked very well, probably because I knew the characters. I love how they merged real life with fiction! Quite a beautiful film. Lindsey Lohan was very good in it too.

I was eventually released here in the UK in January, but it was quite a limited release, and probably only happened at all because of the death of the director, Robert Altman.
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24 March 2007 @ 11:09 am
The weekly News From Lake Wobegon is now avilable as a free podcast! Previously, it was only available as a paid-for podcast from Audible.

This is great! It's updated each Monday.
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25 November 2006 @ 08:55 am
I was reading through some of GK's articles & found this, which is a riot.

17 November 2006 @ 06:38 pm
Apparently the guy who sits next to me at band is in contact with Garrison Keillor:

We'd been e-mailing back and forth for a bit andI got invited backstage for dinner before the show,Saw the show from the seats on the stage!! andafterwards for drinkies and a chat, He's a really nicebloke, if slightly on the strange side. And the show,believe me every single word and nuance is scripted ;tighter than a ducks bum. But they've been doing it solong they just work so well together.

Apparently he gave him one of our CDs and some soor plooms!
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09 October 2006 @ 07:33 pm
Hello to all,
I just discovered this community and am glad to be here...I got to see GK and a PHC live broadcast when they came to Redding, California, a few years ago. It was incredibly interesting, watching a live radio show in production.

My favorite bits by GK are those that deal specifically with a holiday or other yearly event- such as "A Kohler Thanksgiving," Halloween stories, or the trick the senior boys play on the school principal at graduation.

Even my cats love GK - if I put on a CD of his monologues, they quiet right down and stop racing around the house.

Happy to meet you all!
14 August 2006 @ 09:52 am
I remember a bit GK did quite some time ago on how everyone looked better when *his* glasses were off. And there was some dialogue w/ a woman who was supposed to be his wife, asking him to put his glasses back on. He was reluctant, of course.
As a long time glasses wearer (for near-sightedness), I could definitely relate. Without my glasses, everyone becomes a little fuzzier...a little less flawed, physically. I know when I look at myself w/ my glasses off, my nose becomes a bit cuter. ;)

04 August 2006 @ 10:58 am
Reading Garrison Keillor's reply to a listener in Post To The Host on the website, he advises her on how to make an interesting radio show:

I was talking to a friend who does a daily radio show that is really free-form and loose and funny, a solo guy in a studio, sometimes taking phone calls, and he admitted that he spends hours every day writing for it. The show doesn't sound written, there isn't a script, but writing is nonetheless the backbone of it. You sit down and write out your thoughts, what you might want to say, and then you go do the show and maybe do something like what you wrote or maybe something entirely other, but the writing is the key. Having prepared one thing gives you the courage to improvise something else.

Second piece of advice: go for opposites, to keep your range open. For example, having a raucous rock n' roll theme song at the beginning will give you the freedom to talk about serious stuff. Being silly or sarcastic occasionally opens the door to being sentimental and sincere. Don't tie yourself down.

Third: entertain yourself. If you're bored, then you have a problem.

He makes it sound so easy, but I don't think I'd manage half as well as I imagine!
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14 July 2006 @ 12:18 am
Ive only recently discovered PHC, and now my hubby & I never miss a show. I've also collected several Garrison Keillor audio books which we listen to on long trips, and I love them! I've got a question - does anyone know of a real town similar to Lake Wobegon? If one exists, I'm moving!
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